Dog Related Links
Society of Humane Friends and the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department.
The program gives carefully selected inmates at the local jail the opportunity to give back to society by providing foster care and obedience skills to animal control dogs slated to be euthanized. The inmates learn marketable skills while training the dogs and have a chance to return something positive back to the community.
Look for adoptable pets. You can search by breed, age and size.
Partner site to Petfinder. Click daily to help donate bowls of food to shelters. Shop their store and portions of proceeds go to shelters and rescues to help provide care and food.
Want to know the quality of your dog’s food and what is in it? This site is very helpful and educational.
Check out the dogs and cats available for adoption in Athens.


Check out Fetching Collars to see the unique collars and leashes made for dogs and cats.