K. Davis
When we adopted Sparky as first time pet owners I went into panic mode when he whined and moaned for two days. Tricia convinced me many puppies go through this process, gave me tips on what to do and eight months later we have a healthy, vibrant golden lab!
L. Jackson
Tricia has helped me on numerous occasions. I adopted a sweet Papillon who was totally unsocialized. We struggled for months before calling Tricia. It took some work, but everything she coached us on worked. Today my little boy is about as social as they come. She has also helped me with two of the dogs I foster for a rescue group. The results have been amazing!
S. Weinberg
I had Tricia train my youngest Boxer when she was about 5 months old. She did a super job helping us to get control of what could have been a cyclone. Her professionalism with both my dog and us was terrific. She provided us with training as well as the dog so that we were on the same page and always with the dog’s needs being of paramount importance. I would not hesitate to have her back to help with another pooch!
Heather, Buddy and Family
I highly recommend BAFDT and give it 5 stars! The trainer is dedicated and experienced with all breeds, ages and behaviors. Her love for dogs is obvious as she navigates each dog’s personal strengths and weaknesses. Tricia is a joy to work with and adapts the training to meet the specific needs of the dog and his owners/handlers. We consulted BFDT for our pit bull mix and Tricia worked with him as a puppy and again as an adult when he earned the CGC award. We couldn’t be happier with the results.
A. Schwab
Patricia is a real dog whisperer! We have a Great Dane that became aggressive with our Lab and Patricia was able to identify the cause AND provide us with a solution. I highly recommend her services.
J. Sand
I have only been working with Patricia for a few weeks and am impressed with her knowledge of how dogs communicate with us. She is patient and very observant of even the slightest change in our dog Winnie’s body language.